Skiptraced List (List + Skiptrace Prep + Skiptrace)

$625.00 $580.00


Need a list? Want it prepared for skip tracing? Want it submitted to a quality skip tracing service? We got it for you here. Get 2,000 prospects skip traced for one price. 

2,000 prospects at .05 = $100

Skiptrace prep=$25

Skiptracing 2,000 prospects at .25 = $500

With this package, we are discounting to .23 for skiptracing services (savings of $40). Get skiptrace prep at $20 (saving of $5). TOTAL SAVINGS OF $45.00

*Please note that this service is not guaranteed the 48 hour return, as we outsource for skiptracing. Your order will be submitted to the skiptracing provider within 48 hours and will be returned to you as soon as we receive it*


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