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Property List, Buyers List and Skip Trace Preparation Services at a better price!

List Source Properties  = .14-.25 cents/per

Our Price for Properties = .05-.15 cent/per

48 Hours or LESS Turnaround Time

We also help you get an optimized list if you’re not too familiar with pulling list. Don’t worry, we have tons of experience!

2000 leads at $299.26 on

Our Price: $100 for 2,000 leads + get access to an optimized list for free!

Purchase Options

Property List

  • 2,000 properties+
  • .05 per property
  • Information needed when purchasing:
    • Best Email Address
    • Location(s) in Zip, County or City.
    • Filters (If you want an optimized list, please input optimized)

Skip Trace Preparation

Your list of properties will not come ready to be submitted to your skip tracing provider. We will provide you the original copy of your properties PLUS a copy that is ready to be submitted directly). This is NOT a skiptracing service.

  • Costs an Additional $20

Buyers List

Looking for the latest list of buyers in your area? We can provide you with a list of buyer that have purchased properties within the past 1-2 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many filters can I use?

You can use unlimited filters, but you cannot specify how many properties you’d
like of which. All your filters will be compiled into ONE list.

How should I provide my locations and how many?

I suggest providing at least 3+ locations (zip, county or city). Also keep in mind
that some properties are not in the city limits, so you should provide county as
well. The more, the better chances of having enough to cover get all your leads
you paid for.

What kind of filters or areas do you provide?

Go to to see all that is provided and also locations. There are a
few excluded states. Although, we highly recommend doing research on this
and/or using the filters we suggest per Will’s course. Sometimes
doesn’t have the proper data or enough data to gather.

What if I don’t have enough properties to fulfil my order?

You will be contacted to expand your search or we may suggest that you use our
optimized filters to expand. You can always double check your filters on to ensure you have enough.

I have questions about wholesaling. Who can help me with that?

I highly recommend purchasing Will’s course. Don’t forget if you purchase at this
link – you can receive $10 off your list order.

How can I receive a discount on your property list services?

Currently, we only offer a $10 off offer to those that purchase Will’s wholesaling
course at our special link.

What are your optimized filters?

  • Single Family and Multi Family
  • No Condos
  • 1900-2003
  • Unknown Equity
  • No Corporations or Trust
  • Complete Property and Mailing Address
  • No Duplicate

There are many wholesalers in my area that shop with you as well. How do you ensure we don’t get the same leads?

We respect our clients. We utilize the suppression tool on that
ensures you are not getting the same properties on previous purchased list.

What’s the refund policy?

Once your payment is received, no refunds will be processed. If we cannot meet
your paid property list amount, a credit will remain on your account for future
purchases. This credit expires 6 months from issue date.

What is the buyers list option?

Your buyers list will not come skiptraced ready.

It will include buyers in your desired area(s) that have purchased within the past two years. You can opt to include or exclude corporations.